Richard Hamilton, vigneron, arrived in South Australia before the state was even founded, and started a winemaking dynasty that still flourishes today.

One of its legendary wines, Hamilton's Ewell Moselle, first made in 1928, was to have enormous consequences for the Australian wine industry. Winemaker Sydney Hamilton was obsessed with perfecting this wine at a time when making quality wine in Australia was more a miss than a hit affair.

Finally in the 1940s, Syd decided to introduce a refrigerated cellar to tip the odds in his favour. It was a first in Australia, and the results were so startlingly good that the idea caught on, causing a sea change in Australian winemaking.

The Australian wine revolution, which was to have such consequences for our way of life and our national bank balance, began not in the Barossa, not in the Hunter Valley, but in Marion.

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