FM Alexander - the Documentary

The Alexander Technique is now used by millions around the world. It teaches you how to release habitual tensions and develop a more efficient and comfortable way to do any given activity.

What is not often realised is that the developer of the Technique was an Australian who made his discoveries about 'good use' of the human body back in the nineteenth century.

FM Alexander was born in the wild northwest of Tasmania in 1869, the son of a blacksmith in a remote settlement. His grandparents on both sides of the family, grandmothers as well as grandfathers, were convicts. How he emerged from such an obscure background, made his discoveries and came to occupy a position of such influence on the world stage makes a fascinating story. Today, almost 60 years after his death, the movement he started is more popular than ever.

Light Image is working with Rosslyn McLeod, an Alexander teacher and biographer of FM Alexander, to develop and produce a documentary on the remarkable life of this man.

FM Alexander Documentary Website

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