Light Image Productions

Light Image is an Australian-based documentary producer. Our work is screened on television in Australia and overseas, and in museums and interpretive centres throughout the country. The company, two times winner of the coveted Gold Camera at the New York Film Festival, celebrated 25 years in production in 2013. Principals Martin Gordon (writer) and Rick Cavaggion (director) head a creative team made up of cinematographer Malcolm Ludgate, and editors Sarah Rohrsheim and Gavin Possingham.

Selected Awards:

Cannes International Film Festival

Silver Dolphin                         WineLine 2 - Odyssey

New York Festivals - International TV & Film Awards

Gold World Medal                    Belonging to Country
Gold World Medal                    Robbery
Finalist Award                         Gariwerd
Silver World Medal                  The Story of Opal
Finalist Award                         Gus the Garbo
Finalist Award                         Armaguard - The First 50 Years

U.S. International Film and Video Festival

Gold Camera Award                The Way Ahead
Gold Camera Award                A Sunburnt Country
Gold Camera Award                Robbery
Creative Excellence                Why Me?
Creative Excellence                A Cultural Landscape
Creative Excellence                Clean Site
Creative Excellence                Saab
Creative Excellence                Battlefield Command
Creative Excellence                Gariwerd
Creative Excellence                Gus the Garbo
Bronze Medal                         Belonging to Country

World Wine Film Festival - Paris

Gold Award                            Seasons of a Vineyard

Festival International Oenovideo Cinema du Vin - Paris

Best Foreign Film                   WineLine - The Hamilton Story

Official Festival Selection        WineLine 2 - Odyssey

Australian Cinematographers’ Society

Best of Festival Award             Why Me?
Gold Award                             Why Me?
Gold Award                             Volcano
Gold Award                             Jacob’s Creek
Gold Award                             Belonging to Country
Gold Award                             The Story of Opal
Silver Award                           The Way Ahead
Bronze award                          Deep Time
Bronze Award                          WineLine

Australian Video Producers’ Association

Gold Award                             Deep Time
Gold Award                             Why Me?
Gold Award                             Clean Site
Gold Award                             Battlefield Command
Gold Award                             Saab
Gold Award                             Jacob’s Creek
Gold Award                             I Love a Sunburnt Country
Gold Award                             CSSIP
Gold Award                             Birth of the Barossa
Gold Award                             Kableflags
Gold Award                             Belonging to Country
Gold Award                             Gariwerd


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