August Watershed

August Watershed is a history film about the First World War - but it is a history film with a difference for the story is told through drama, music and song.

The film focuses on the first month of World War I, August 1914, and tells the gripping and hardly-known story of how the German army almost won the war in that short time. Using a bold plan they attacked France from the undefended north, while all the French armies were lined up on the eastern border.

Carrying all before them, the Kaiser's armies were about to engulf Paris, when one of their generals committed a strategic blunder. It could have gone unnoticed, but a retired French general in Paris spotted it and used it as a clarion call to rally the demoralised French troops and end the general retreat. As a result, the war did not end in 1914 with a German victory, but carried on for another four bloody years.

An interesting mix of characters together with the unusual combination of historical narrative and musical form make August Watershed a lively and intelligent piece of entertainment. As well as coinciding with the centenary of the outbreak of World War I and being very attractive musically, it has the charm of being refreshingly different.

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